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Cooking your food proper: soft-boiled eggs

This is one of the most useful tips I’ve come across for getting perfect soft-boiled eggs with a pan and water. This method makes a huge difference in repeatable consistency. If you keep your eggs on the counter at room temperature (which was something I picked up when living in Germany) the cooking times will be about a minute to a minute and a half shorter depending on the consistency you like. I have been happy with 6 minutes and then a quick rinse in cold water, not too long in the cold water because I like the yolk to still have a creamy warm texture. A superior cooking method would be Sous-vide.

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  • Montmorency 03/09/2015, 5:55 pm

    When we had the “salmonella in eggs” scandal here in the UK years ago (you may have heard of Edwina “Eggwina” Currie), we were all told we had to hard-boil our eggs (horrible).

    Somewhere I read a tip to get round this if you want soft-boiled eggs, but still kill the bug: Bring the eggs to the boil; let boil for about a minute; turn off & leave for 5-10 minutes. I made this my standard method of boiling eggs (saves a little gas as well).

    Mike (Montmorency).

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